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The Complete Guide To SEO

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We have written a book! It is now available to order on Amazon as a paperback and on the Amazon Kindle. Our complete guide to SEO gives readers all the knowledge to get their website to rank at the top of search engines.


We will cover all aspects; from ensuring that your website is friendly to search engines, to understanding the behaviour of your traffic and building high quality backlinks. By implementing the suggested changes in this guide, your website will be fully optimised and you will soon start seeing positive results.


Some will take to this like a duck to water, for others it might take some time, but with a willingness to learn and a desire to continue improving, there is no reason why you can’t make your website a success and develop it into the backbone of your business.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to SEO

Chapter 2 - The Beginners Guide

Chapter 3 - Keyword Research

Chapter 4 - Content Creation

Chapter 5 - On-Page SEO

Chapter 6 - Technical SEO

Chapter 7 - Link Building

Chapter 8 - Tracking Results

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Search engine optimisation is the art of increasing the number of visitors to a website by improving the online visibility to users on search engines such as Google or Bing. I want to be clear from the beginning, you do not pay for results with SEO, the results are free!


Did you take note then? ‘the results are free’ – This is why so many businesses are investing their time in to getting this right. Who wouldn’t want sales or bookings that didn’t cost a penny to generate?

What will you learn?


1.Introduction to SEO


In this chapter, we delve deeper in to understanding exactly what SEO is and why it is so important. Here you are going to gain vital knowledge that will see you through the rest of the course and set you up to successfully market your website on search engines in the future.


2.The Beginners Guide


To gain a real understanding of SEO, it is important to know exactly how a search engine works. Once completed you are going to have knowledge of how robots crawl the internet to find websites and add it to their indexes. Without this, all the other work is pointless.


3.Keyword Research


This chapter allows you to understand exactly how to find out what your audience is searching for. Using a proven technique and helpful online tools, you will be able to set up your entire website strategy around the exact words and phrases that your customers are looking for.

4.Content Creation


If your content is boring, your visitors will leave. This chapter is all about how to incorporate your Keyword Research in to high-quality, engaging page content that will not only appeal to readers, but increase conversion rates.


5.On-Page SEO


This is most definitely the longest chapter and arguably one of the most important. I will show you how to optimise your website design, include the keyword research to full effect and improve the user experience.


6.Technical SEO


Whereas the on-page SEO focuses on human behaviour, technical SEO focuses on robots. This section covers the elements of a website and how to ensure that search engines can successfully read your website and understand exactly what it is about.


7.Link Building


Now that your website is in good health, it is time to find some traffic. This chapter will teach you all about how to find websites that will link back to you, the different types of backlinks and why this method is so vitally important to ensuring that you receive the right sort of attention.


8.Tracking Results


An essential part of any change is understanding what works and what doesn’t. It is no difference for search engine optimisation. In this section you will learn all about how to set up, understand and learn from website analytics.