10 Cheap Marketing Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Business in 2022

Updated: Jan 18

You don’t have to rely solely on social media marketing when you’re working with limited funds, and you don’t have to dump an endless stream of money into a marketing campaign. Budget-friendly ideas can be very effective if you’re targeting a small demographic or a local area. Here are our 10 Cheap Marketing Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Business in 2022;

1. Optimise Your Website Improving your website for more visibility on search engines is our favourite. Yes, there is a lot that goes in to search engine optimisation to compete with some of the larger brands. However, there are some simple things you can do as well, like updating title tags and adding META descriptions.

2. Create A Blog

Although time is money, tying a blog to your business site lets you offer valuable content to customers and potential customers, and provides an easy way to keep your site fresh. Use a blog to add value to a customer, don’t use it to try and sell your products or services because it will dilute the content.

3. Offer Guest Posts Reach out to bloggers who work within your niche or have a customer-base similar to yours and offer guest posting. For example, if you run an interior design business, contact home décor blogs, and pitch a post idea on what you think will appeal to the site’s readers. Asking a blogger to guest post on your site also increases your traffic and has a positive impact on your SEO.

4. Answer Questions On Forums These days there are forums about everything, and they provide a perfect platform for businesses to find new customers. A mechanic who is active in a car repair forum and offering their expertise on minor issues has the opportunity to increase traffic to their site and social media pages, just by being helpful.

5. Postcard Mailers These simple print marketing solutions are cheaper than full-blown mailers to produce and send. If you determine where your customers live and understand what offers will appeal to them, then you’ll quite easily make your money back and more. Contrary to many marketers out there, print advertising is not dead and still has its benefits.

6. Work With Local Businesses

This is arguably one of the most effective methods of advertising on a budget. Connect with local businesses who’s services go hand-in-hand, yet don’t compete with yours. Together, you can develop a joint marketing campaign and even specialist packages that you can both upsell to your customer base.

7. Make Friends With Journalists

Advertising in newspapers can be very costly and often the artwork is glazed over. We suggest that you make friends with local journalists and provide them with relevant stories to your business or campaign. Journalists are constantly looking for story ideas. Build yourself up as an expert in your field, reach out to reporters and pitch your story.

8. Make Something Free

Giving away something for free has worked in the sales industry for years. Now we’re not saying give away something big. Something small like a useful podcast download or a free coffee at your café can attract a new customer base. You now have the opportunity to talk to them about how they found the podcast or coffee and build a rapport.

9. Discounted Ads

A few days prior to a publication going to print, advertisers will discount any unclaimed ad space in order to fill the gaps. Take advantage of the reduced cost on dip your toe in print marketing. Make sure you have your own graphic design company to use because quite often they are cheaper than the designers at the publishers.

10. Classic Classifieds

Depending on your business type and your target audience, placing an ad in your local paper’s classified section can still be effective. Don’t forget, many of the older generation haven’t delved in to using the internet and the Yellow Pages doesn’t exist anymore, so they often turn to the classifieds to find someone suitable.

Remember, you don’t need a huge marketing budget to get your business, product, and services in front of your target audience. Keep a look out for economical opportunities, be creative, and diversify your marketing avenues.

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