10 Essential Google My Business Optimisations for 2021

If a business wants to succeed in this day and age, the need for visibility on Google is almost essential. Most businesses are aware that this requires optimising their website and using Google Ads, but what most don’t know is that there is a third entity that needs to be optimised, a Google My Business listing.

They are often referred to as a Business Profile and is a powerful snapshot of your business, the services you offer and relevant information relating to your business such as opening hours and contact information. It is a fantastic way for potential customers to find, learn about and engage with you. What is even better is that this tool is 100% free.

Something we find strange about this, is despite there being over 167 billion searches performed on Google in a single month, Business Profiles only average about 1,260 views! That just tells us that there is only a tiny minority taking advantage of this free advertising tool, and that there is a huge opportunity for businesses to jump in and engage with new customers.

We have written this short guide to help you correctly optimise your own Google Business listing and reach a wider audience:

1. Claim your Business Profile – A quick Google search will provide you with easy step by step instructions on how to claim your business. The whole process will take less than a week to complete.

2. Complete Every Section – It always surprises us how many businesses just enter a telephone number and website. If Google provides you with a box, fill it in with as much detail and information as possible.

3. Use Correct Contact Information – Make sure that every means of contact is available for customers to view and ensure it is all correct.

4. Select Primary and Secondary Categories – Google gives you more than one category to appear for so take full advantage of this.

5. Choose Applicable Attributes – By performing quick keyword research you will be able to understand what your customers are looking for. Make sure these are added to your listing.

6. Publish Google Posts – By posting weekly you are showing Google that the company is active and will mean they will put you in front of more customers.

7. Upload New Photos – If you are a house painter, upload your work once a week so you can show potential customers and show Google that you are active.

8. Answer Questions – A feature that is fairly new is the ‘Ask a Question’ section. If someone is to ask your business a question, make sure you answer it with as much detail as possible.

9. Collect and Respond to Reviews – Google reviews are free and very easy to use to take full advantage of them. Make sure you reply to each one with a nicely worded sentence or two.

10. Set Up Messaging – This will allow customers to engage with you instantly and you can give them any answers without them having to spend time on the phone. Again, this service is completely free.

With these ten optimisations, you can transform your Google Business Profile into the best FREE customer acquisition tool in your armoury.

If you would like any help, support, or guidance with this please use our contact page and one of our digital specialists will be in touch.

We can also help with SEO, Web Design and other Digital Marketing strategies.

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