Top 5 FREE Ways To Generate Leads In 2021

Lead generation takes time and research. That’s down to the fact that nearly every business is different. One of your entrepreneur friends might suggest to you that email marketing is the key to success and that you should be doing it. This may be true for them but might not have the same effect on your business.

The only way to correctly determine the effectiveness of a lead-generation strategy is to test and analyse data. We have compiled a list of our Top 5 FREE Ways To Generate Leads to give you some extra knowledge and ideas. Not all of them will work for your business or niche, but we are sure there will be one or two that you could benefit from.

1. Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an individual that boasts an impressive amount of followers and engagement level on social media. These guys post photos and videos of themselves using products or services, usually getting paid in the process.

Now, we are aware that we said this is a list of FREE ways to generate leads, so we aren’t going to tell you to go out and find someone with 3 million followers on Instagram. Instead, search for the term ‘micro influencer’ in the Discover section on Instagram. A micro influencer is someone that has a following of between 5,000 – 10,000 people. They produce the same sort of content as normal influencers but have a much smaller reach. Most of them will post about your product or service for free, all they usually ask for is one of your products for free.

Top Tip: Be sure to approach micro influencers that are in the same niche as your target market. For example, if you are selling gym leggings, you should approach personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts because their followers will already have a keen interest in your type of products.

2. Email Marketing

If you haven’t been using email marketing, then you have been missing out on sales. These days you can deliver your message or offer straight into the lap of your new or existing customer. By successfully building an email list of website visitors or previous customers, you will have the ability to remarket them or upsell any previous products they might have purchased from you.

Our favourite tool for this type of lead generation is Mailchimp. It is a paid tool but has a free plan available which we find to be the best around. You can send email campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers for FREE. Head over to Mailchimp and open up a free account and take a look at how easy it is to create your own email.

Top Tip: Although Mailchimp started off life as an email marketing platform, they have now moved into Sales Funnels, Landing Pages and Signup Forms. All of which are fantastic lead generation tools once you learn how to use them effectively.

3. Referral Scheme

By offering your own customers a referral payment, you are basically creating your own advertising machines to go out and find you business. You will be surprised by how many people will talk about your business, products of services when they have a cash incentive.

We find the best time to speak to someone about referring their friends and family members to us is once they have first received their product or service from us. They will usually be on a high and be grateful for the service they provided.

Top Tip: If you have a consultancy business and decided to pay a £100 referral payment for those who support your business, hand your customer 10 of your business cards and tell them that you have just given them £1000. When they question you to what you mean, simply explain “For each person that you send to me, I will pay you £100 when they buy one of my services. I’ve given you 10 cards today, that’s £1000 of potential earnings for you”. If that doesn’t get someone excited, then we don’t know what will!

4. Downloadable Content

We have seen a huge rise in FREE downloadable content over the past two years and there is only one reason for it – lead generation. Businesses will now offer a free downloadable guide to a topic within their niche in exchange for your email address. They will then add your data to their emailing list and hit you with some exclusive offers that might interest you.

Think about it, by providing a simple piece of information, you will build up your own database for no cost whatsoever. Not to mention, you can have total piece of mind that each subscriber is genuinely interested in the products or services that you offer, thus increasing your conversion rate when you begin email marketing.

Top Tip: Our favourite type of downloadable content is a PDF. You are able to deliver the message that you want, whilst branding it to your business identity. Keep it as A4 size in case your subscriber chooses to print off a copy. Be sure to include contact information, such as your web address, email, and contact number.

5. Social Media Activity

We have seen a lot of businesses getting this wrong. They go at social media like a bull in a china shop and set up accounts on every social media channel out there, then interact with their audiences a handful of times each month, if not less.

Instead, you should choose between one and three social media channels, set up accounts and optimise them with your most recent and correct information. Then you can begin posting meaty, interesting content with links back to your website. Always reply to comments and reviews to maximise your engagement levels.

Top Tip: Businesses usually either forget to post on all of their social channels or become lazy and miss out one or two. Before getting to this stage, we recommend that you open a Hootsuite account. Hootsuite is a platform that allows you to post to multiple social media channels without ever having to move away from their website. This site is FREE to use for up to three social media accounts, so you can post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within seconds.


So, there you have it, our Top 5 FREE Ways To Generate Leads! We hope that you’ve learnt something useful, but if you do require any support in any of these areas then please head over to our contact page and request a call back.


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