10 Proven Ways To Get More Leads From Your Website

Are you watching hundreds or even thousands of people visit your website every month, but you just aren’t getting the level of leads you need to sustain your business? You’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last to experience this. To help business owners increase their enquiry levels, we have put together our 10 proven ways to get more leads from your website:

1. Add Reviews

When people are unsure, they look to others to decide what to do. That’s why social validation, in the form of reviews, is so important. According to research, 90% of people who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions. Therefore, the more positive reviews you have on your website, the more influential these will be in increasing a website visitor, to a lead.

2. Use CTA (Call to action) Buttons

Call to action buttons describe what action you’d like your visitor to take when visiting a page on your website. They should be eye-catching, with a simple instruction, such as ‘Let’s Chat’ or ‘Request Quote’. From a branding perspective, they should tie in with your chosen colour scheme, but be able to stand out on the page.

3. Include a Social Media feed or Blog

Having a social media feed or blog on your website will give prospective customers a feel for what your brand specialises in or focuses on. The more detailed the picture you can build for visitors of what it would be like for them to do business with you, the easier it will be for them to make the decision to contact you. Make sure your website pages are free of spelling errors, as this will help create a professional opinion of the service you provide.

4. Use up that Whitespace

Whitespaces are the areas on your website page which are empty. You want to give your content and photos some breathing room by having plenty of white space around them. However, where appropriate and relevant, these areas can also be used for enquiry forms or call to action buttons.

5. Make your Contact details clear

Your ‘contact us’ page should be easy to locate – it’s a good idea to include this on your menu page so that it’s easy to navigate to. Once there, you should include all the main contact channels your company uses. Add your email address, telephone, mobile, physical address and even links to your social media pages. Triple check the accuracy of these, as it’s crucial these details are correct. If your company is a registered limited company then be sure to add your registration number.

6. Use an in-page Contact Form

An in-page contact form does exactly what it says, it’s a contact form on one or more of your web pages. Studies have shown that a website can benefit from more than twice the number of enquiries just from adding a an in-page contact form to a website.

7. CTA (Call to action) variation

Consider all the reasons a visitor may want to contact you, then you can filter each reason down into different call to action (CTA) buttons. A web page which has several CTA buttons has a much greater chance of generating enquiries than one with only one CTA button. These can be placed strategically down the page, so as the visitor is scrolling through and reading your content, there are several opportunities for them to take action.

8. Optimised for Mobile users

As of 2021, 56% of search queries globally come from mobile devices. So, if your website isn’t accessible from mobile phones, then you’ll be losing a large chunk of potential traffic and potential leads. If your website is optimised for this, it will automatically resize to fit the device screen of the site visitor. You can check your website by using Google’s free mobile friendly test.

9. Don’t be afraid to ‘show off’

Having awards and accreditations, such as ‘Best Marketing Agency’ by ThreeBestRated, helps to set you apart from your competitors. If you have these, you should showcase them on your website to reassure potential leads of your professionalism. We have found that having a dedicated page has worked extremely well for a number of our clients.

10. Improve image quality

The images used on your website should be clear and of the highest quality. The photos you choose also play an important part in your design. For example, using human faces creates a feeling of trust – of course, if the people in the images appear likeable and trustworthy! On your team page, you can use images of staff to build rapport with the visitor.

Before you go…

Having a website for your business is like having your very own salesperson that spends every hour of every day marketing your brand and services. By implementing our 10 proven ways to generate leads from your website, you can maximise the effectiveness of your online salesperson.

Need help with your website? Or would you like a brand new one? Contact our team for a no-obligation quote and an informal chat about your requirements.

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